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On Time Fab is a steadily growing metal fabrication company, boasting a successful engineering and field division. From simple components to large assemblies and integration, On Time Fab is an industry pacesetter in the realm of small business.

On Time Fab is equipped to meet your needs with a wide variety of services and capabilities including design, general and custom metal fabrication, prototype development, and mechanical millwright field services. Our business and reputation are built on providing the highest level of quality work, honesty, integrity, and on-time delivery. We accomplish this with an efficient management team, an extensive array of equipment, highly motivated and skilled team members, and efficient techniques.

Our facility can handle most architectural, industrial, or commercial products and offers an abundant amount of space for oversized projects, with room for expansion as the business grows.

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On Time Fab News

On Time Fab Brings New Invention to Fruition

Compassion Stand invention with electric/hydraulic system - Owensboro, Kentucky

April 2017 - On Time Fab is pleased to be involved with the production of a new invention. The Compassion Stand is an electric/hydraulic system that raises and lowers the bier - the stand that holds a casket during public viewing. It can go as low as 12 inches from the floor, making it easier for wheelchair-bound individuals or small children to be able view inside the casket. The invention was the brainchild of Nathan Morris, former pop star turned funeral director. He and his friend, Drew Hardesty, created and patented the Compassion Stand, which they plan to market worldwide. Morris, general manager of Haley and McGinnis Funeral Home and Crematory in Owensboro, approached On Time Fab regarding his idea and they partnered with him to bring his idea to fruition. On Time Fab will produce the Compassion Stand for future orders.

New Prototype Development Capabilities

New Prototype Design and Development Capabilities - Owensboro, Kentucky

March 2017 - On Time Fab has new capabilities for prototype development for our clients. We are able to offer our customers the option to take a design concept from paper to production. We'll work with you to take your ideas and sketches to completed, real world products. Learn more about our services and capabilities.

On Time Fab Featured in "Go Business"

On Time Fab Featured in Go Business Magazine - Owensboro, Kentucky

September 2016 - Ray and Cheri Middleton, owners of On Time Fab, were featured in the Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce 4th quarter issue of Go Business. The article focuses on the benefits the business has experienced as a result of it's membership with the Chamber and involvement in the community. The business began with just one metal shear machine in a small shop and a crowded office. Today the company is in the midst of its third expansion and expects to hire 10-12 full-time positions in the next 12-18 months.

Onsite Certified Welding Inspector

December 2016 - On Time Fab puts a high value on investing in our employees and providing our customers with the highest level of quality. In 2016, On Time Fab sent one of our employees to attend classes conducted by the American Welding Society (AWS) in Louisville, KY. We are pleased to announce that Jim Semro successfully completed training, receiving Certified Welding Inspector (CWI®) credentials. Jim spent several hours working with a senior welding inspector, taking classes, and attending seminars and workshops pertaining to standard welding codes and symbols, welding processes, and visual inspection.

The CWI® is widely recognized, both nationally and internationally, and successful companies have come to rely on this AWS certification when ensuring the highest level of quality workmanship. With a CWI on staff, On Time Fab is able to train our own employees to work within the CWI/AWS standards, certify our welders, and provide our customers with a higher level of quality service.

On Time Fab Becomes BROWZ Certified

February 2014 - On Time Fab is now BROWZ certified and a supplier and member of the BROWZ Network. BROWZ is a leading online global-network of safety-minded organizations and simplifies the contractor and supplier compliance process with intuitive software solutions and a dedicated team of safety professionals. BROWZ helps clients effectively measure contractor performance, while enabling suppliers and contractors to better meet contractual requirements. As an independent third party, BROWZ provides an efficient means to exchange and evaluate prequalification data.

Expanded Facilities and Capabilities

November 2013 - On Time Fab has expanded its work force, its facility, and its services and capabilities. We are proud to offer customers not only our outstanding design build fabrication shop but now our newly expanded millwright mechanical field service. Our millwrights stay up-to-date on new and upcoming technology and stive to give our clients the highest level of satisfaction by achieving your goals ON TIME and on budget.

On Time Fab Becomes ISNetworld Certified with an "A" Rating

November 2012 - On Time Fab is pleased to announce that it is ISNetworld certified. This certification helps demonstrate that On Time Fab is a safe, dependable company that follows government regulations. On Time Fab received an overall score of 100 out of 100 (an "A" rating) in the evaluation which included Overall Safety, Review and Verification (RAV®) of conformance to safety policies and procedures, and its Experience Modification Rate.

On Time Fab Plans to Double its Work Force and Facility

November 2012 - After being identified as a strategic target growth company, On Time Fab has been recommended by the Daviess County Economic Development Advisory Board for a loan of $72,000 for the purchase of a CNC plasma cutting table. The company will also receive $224,000 in state credits as the business continues to expand. On Time Fab expects to double its work force over the next few years and plans to expand its facility in 2013. [Read Article]

History & Recognition in the Community

On Time Fab was started in January 2008 by Ray and Cheri Middleton during one of the worst times in recent business history. Through excellent customer service and determination the business has with-stood the hard economic times and continues to grow. The business has doubled in size every year since its start.

Ray and his wife, Cheri, are members of the Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce. The couple has been featured in past issues of The Greater Owensboro Business Magazine for their success as small business owners. Cheri is serving on the board of directors for the Chamber for her second year. Ray was also nominated in 2011 for Entrepreneur of the Year and Ray was featured again in 2012 in the Business Magazine with On Time Fab earning recognition as Small Business of the Year. The business is involved in the community, participating in local fundraisers, events, recycling programs, and more.

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"Ray and Cheri may own the company, but I always refer to it as 'my company.' I am proud to say I work here and proud to work with each of my co-workers. We are a family and I feel like we have an excellent team that can give our customers a quality product ON TIME."

- Nina Renfrow, Office Manager

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